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Requisitos ambientales y mantenimiento de la impresora de sublimación

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The main components of the Sublimation Printer consist of various integrated circuit boards. Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of components and media, and reduce reliability. Therefore, the normal indoor temperature used by Sublimation Printer should preferably be controlled between 18 °C~25 °C, and the change gradient should not exceed 3 °C/h. The control of room temperature can be solved by installing air conditioners and fans. Next, let's continue to see what requirements and maintenance the Sublimation Printer has on the environment.

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Power supply


Excessive humidity will cause corrosion of poorly sealed electronic components, circuit leakage, oxidation, and rust of connectors or printed circuits, resulting in poor contact. If the humidity is too low, the storage medium will be deformed and warped, and it will also cause a large amount of electrostatic charge to accumulate, causing electrostatic interference to cause breakdown and damage to electronic components. Therefore, it is best to install dehumidification equipment in the room where the Sublimation Printer is placed in areas with high humidity to adjust the indoor humidity in time. In areas with low humidity, a wet mop can be used to mop the floor every day, which will play a better role in increasing the humidity and reducing static electricity. Use a thermometer and hygrometer to grasp the situation to better control the temperature and humidity.


Cleanliness includes the cleanliness of the environment and the cleanliness of the Sublimation Printer itself.

Cleanliness of the environment

The cleanliness of the room where the Sublimation Printer is installed is one of the most important factors affecting the normal use of the thermal transfer printer. The Sublimation Printer is equipped with sensors that can indicate whether the Sublimation Printer's print head is down, whether the paper is still there, whether the ribbon is still there, and the operating status of other equipment. If there is too much dust in the room and it falls on the surface of the sensor, it will directly affect the use of the Thermal transfer printer. Ensure that the room is clean. In areas with more sandstorms, try to seal the doors and windows as much as possible, do frequent cleaning, and cover the machine with a thick cloth after work. Indoor staff pay attention to hygiene and reduce the introduction of outdoor dust.

Own cleanliness

In the process of printing tickets, the print head is constantly heated, and the dye on the ribbon is scalded to the printing medium. Long-term printing will inevitably make the dye adhere to the print head, which not only affects the printing effect but also is very unfavorable to the print head. Because the printing is not clear, the print head will continue to heat up, and the heating wire will burn out for a long time, resulting in broken needles on the printing medium. Once the heating wire is blown, it cannot be repaired until the print head is scrapped. So clean the print head frequently. Before cleaning the print head, be sure to turn off the power of the printer, remove the ribbon and lift the print head, use a cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol to gently wipe from the left to the right side of the print head until the dye is wiped clean. Never use a sharp object to pick up the dye attached to the print head, which is very easy to damage the heating wire and directly cause the needle to break. After wiping, allow the print head to dry before loading the ribbon and print media and continuing printing. It is best to clean the print head once after printing 2~3 rolls of ribbon to ensure that the print head is clean. In addition, the maintenance of the Sublimation Printer cutter is equally important. Sometimes the conductor does not take the ticket by hand after printing a ticket and waits for the second ticket to be printed, which will easily cause the corner of the first ticket to be cut by the knife. Cut it again, causing the corners of the ticket to be missed in the rotating mechanical part of the cutter, causing the cutter to jam the paper, and the sublimation transfer machine will not work. When cleaning the dust in the chassis, turn off the power, be careful not to touch the signal connection line between the boards, and press the interface of each signal line again after cleaning. Do not touch the chip with your hands to prevent static electricity on your body break it down.

Power supply

The Sublimation Printer's allowable range of grid voltage is generally 180v 30V. Low voltage generally does not cause malfunction of the Sublimation Printer system. However, if the voltage exceeds 230V (instant high-voltage surge), it is easy to cause the motherboard or power supply to burn out. The Sublimation Printer power supply must be equipped with a ground wire to ground the chassis. It is best to install an online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) before the outside line enters the heat transfer printer. It can not only continue to supply power to the Sublimation Printer when the outside line is powered off, but also play a role in voltage regulation and anti-interference.

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