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Impresora UV digital de chorro directo multiusos de gran tamaño

Estado de Disponibilidad:

print size 2500mm * 1300mm
Ink configuration UV
Nozzle height 1-100mm
RIP software Maintop, Photoprint, PrintFactory
power 5500W
Machine size 4510*2170*1480
Package Size 4640*2280*1660
Net weight/gross weight 950/1275


Introducing the 2513 UV Printer, the perfect solution for all your printing needs. With its advanced features, this printer can print on various flat materials and even on cylindrical objects with the help of an additional carrier. The G6 print head and magnetic levitation guide rail ensure precision and accuracy in every print. This printer is perfect for professionals who require high-quality prints on different materials. Get your hands on the 2513 UV Printer and experience the difference in your printing results.



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