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Impresora DTF de kit de desgarro en frío práctico para principiantes

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model KAIOU-301
Sprinkler EPSON L1800
printing speed 3m/h
Print wide A3+
Ink type Paint ink
Print media 800*380*400mm
RIP software Partner RIP V9.0.3
Heating system Automatic constant temperature drying system
temperature humidity 20-30℃ / 45-65%
voltage AC100V-240V
power 130W
Machine size 800mm*350mm*250mm
Package dimensions 850mm*400mm*300mm
weight 34KG

省钱A3 - 副本

Small desktop printer for beginners

Printers for a variety of garment fabrics

Suitable for personalized customization and production

The operation process is simple and easy to learn

A3打印机(新) - 副本A3抖粉2DTF-L1800_09

Provide remote technical support and video installation files



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